A few weeks ago Apple revealed the newest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 7. The most notable change is the overhauled user interface, which marks the first time Apple has made a significant change to how iOS looks since it was first introduced back in ‘07.

After glancing over a few blog posts online, I found the overall consensus to be quite mixed, with some people really enjoying the change and others resenting the new looks.

Personally, I think the change is quite nice. The interface redesign breathes a breath of fresh air into iOS, which had started to feel a little stale when compared to the newer versions of Android and Windows Phone. The new flatness found in the core apps really make the phone feel a lot more modern and clean, and the new lockscreen and weather app are simply gorgeous. Apple really doesn’t disappoint when it comes to design and their expertise shows. They really used a lot of white though, and I don’t know if that would mix well with those who use their iPhones a lot at night.

Feature-wise, I know quite a few people were hoping for widgets. If it’s any consolation, I read that the clock and calendar app icons update accordingly. In the end though, I think Apple made the right choice. In their current state, widgets can make the home screen look really clunky if not used properly. Apple has always focused on providing an excellent user experience out of the box and I think that this choice reflects that principle.

All in all, iOS 7 does a great job of modernizing an otherwise aged mobile user interface. For me though, I just can’t let go of the openness of Android.

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