Five Things I Learned in High School

Four years later, here I am-a high school graduate.

My high school experience has been pretty interesting, to say the least. I’ve learned a lot both academically and about life in general. While I have quite a bit to say about both topics, I’m going to save my thoughts on academics for later. For this post, I thought I’d share a bit of what I’ve learned over the past few years in the form of tips.

1. Participate only in extracurriculars that you are interested in.

When you first start high school, guidance counsellors, teachers and senior students typically tell you to join as many clubs as possible—at least that happened to me.

This isn’t true. Don’t join clubs or take on other extracurricular activities for the sake of having more extracurricular activities under your belt. Join clubs that you are truly interested in and you’ll find that you’ll be much more dedicated and will enjoy yourself a lot more.

2. Be concise.

Nowadays, everyone is busy. For everything you do, stay on topic and keep it simple and straightforward.

3. Print the night before.

Don’t try and outsmart Murphy’s Law.

When you’re finished an assignment, if possible, print it at home before you go to sleep. Rushing to get it printed the next morning at home or school is unneeded stress. If you forget or your printer is busted the next morning, you might just be out of luck. Don’t put yourself in that situation.

4. Know who your true friends are.

You’ll meet tons of new people in high school. Some you may rarely see again, some you will share classes with, some you’ll only exchange a nod with when passing in the halls, some will become your friends while some will become your true friends.

While making lots of friends is great and important, just be sure you know who your true friends are. They’ll be the ones you can count on in the future.

5. Avoid “What if”s

When something doesn’t go your way, it’s easy to get caught in a spiral of “what if”s where you think of every possible thing you could’ve done differently to avoid your current situation. I learned the hard way that in times like this, thinking about what you could’ve done doesn’t help.

Focus on learning from your mistakes and reflect on how you can avoid your circumstance in the future. After that, leave your regrets in the past. You can’t change what has already happened, but you can definitely work on preventing a future occurrence.

With all of that said, do your very best to enjoy high school. You’ll be spending four years there, so make the most of it!